Ant Posters

Educational posters featuring ants from various regions of Melanesia and South Pacific. The posters are free to download and use for educational and research purposes. For high resolution versions, contact us.



Ants of Kagalalo, Bougainville
Poster of frequent as well as new undescribed species enountered during our survey in Mt. Luloru area, south Bougainville, PNG.

Ants of Mt. Balbi, Bougainville
Poster of common as well as endemic species from Mt. Balbi region in central Bougainville.

Ants of Kainake, Bougainville
Poster of common species from Kainake Conservation Area in lowland south Bougainville.

Ants of Madang Region, Papua New Guinea
Representatives of the 80 ant species and the main genera from northeast Papua New Guinea.

Introduced Ants in Papua New Guinea
Poster of most important alien ants in Papua New Guinea.